Tip for developers who want to sell their iOS apps on the Brazilian Store

Several iOS music apps are not displayed on the Brazilian Store. We tried to found out the reason several times with Apple and with developers with no success. This week the developer of the mobile Reactable answered my email about the unavailability of your app on the Brazilian Store and gave me the light to understand the problem.

Applications that have “Games” entered as the second category will not appear on the Brazilian store. In Brazil, for legal reasons, we do not have the Games category, and this simple information, even as a secondary category, is enough to not display the app in our store. The theory was confirmed with the actual Reactable app who had modified their categories information in its latest update, removing “games”, and now appears normally for Brazilian users. It is also important to inform that changing the categories can only be done with new app updates sent to Apple.

I hope that can help! Thanks Paul! :)

Obs: Este post foi direcionado para desenvolvedores internacionais e explica o motivo de diversos apps musicais não aparecerem na loja Brasileira.

Curta e compartilhe!